We understand the importance of providing our customers with high-quality vehicles that are ready to deploy. Our vehicles go on to help save lives and protect physical assets for municipalities and businesses. It is for this reason that all the vehicles that we receive in stock, go through a thorough refurbishment process. By doing so we assure our clients that they buy a completely operational firefighting vehicle, prepared for many years of service to come. We consist of a dedicated team of professionals, with many years of experience working with firefighting vehicles and equipment.

Step 1: Cleaning

When a vehicle comes in for sale, we clean the complete exterior of the vehicle and interior of the body. This is done by using a high-pressure washer and detergents in order to remove any dirt and other contamination.

Step 2: Technical Inspection

Each vehicle receives a thorough technical inspection according to our dedicated checklist. Moreover engine filters and worn parts are changed in order to assure vehicle reliability.

Step 3: chassis refurbishment

The chassis of the vehicle receives a complete check and any type of corrosion or damage is cleaned and repaired. Moreover, to further protect the Chassis against future oxidation the chassis is covered with a layer of 3M Body Shutz.

Step 4: Pumptest (if applicable)

Low and high pressure performance of the pump is tested, using a special pumptest trailer. If the pumptest result matches the manufacturer's specification, the pump is approved for sale. In case of insufficient performance, the pump is revised by a certified mechanic and tested again.

Step 5: Exterior refurbishment

In order to enhance the visual appearance of our used vehicles we pay a lot of attention to detail. Therefore, minor exterior damages and signs of wear are refurbished.

Step 6: Equipping vehicles

All our vehicles can be purchased either with or without equipment, according to the customer's needs and wishes. Thanks to our large stock of used firefighting materials, we always have the right equipment available for you.

Final Step: Vehicle ready for sale

After the vehicle has gone through all above mentioned steps, it is ready for sale to its new owner. Depending on the location and wishes of the end-user the vehicle can be picked up at our premises or shipped to any destination worldwide.